Hopland education center site
HBPI Education Center
Hopland education center site
HBPI Education Center

The Hopland Education Center is the product of a community effort to develop an inter-generational hub for learning and community. The center will integrate innovative technology and a one of a kind design developed to best serve the community. The new center is primarily funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Indian Community Development Block Grant.

The new center will feature green building practices, ADA accessibility, a community kitchen, and will integrate other modern technologies.

The project team is currently working with Blackbird Associates, Inc. to design the education center in order for it to fit the reservation geography, culture, and needs of the Tribe. 

Project Team:
Bernadette Mora, Project Manager
Rachel Whetstone, Project Financial Manager
Domenica Giovannini, Project Contract and Grant Management
Ramon Billy, Project Culture & Historical Adviser
Tyree Hand, Community Outreach & Engagement
Jacqueline Sanchez, Hopland Education Director

Site of HBPI Education Center